Yenice Agonya (耶尼杰阿甘雅)


劲道力量 (strength): : 0
质地薄厚 (body & depth): : 0
层次变化 (complexity): : 0
香精调味 (flavoring): : 0
室韵臭香 (room note): : 0
喜爱度 (popularity): : 0

类别 品牌 系列 中译名
V McClelland Grand Orientals 耶尼杰阿甘雅

原产地 产地 生产商
美国 美国 McClelland

成分 调味料/香型
东方烟草 (Oriental)、弗吉尼亚 (Virginia)

形制 包装
粗碎烟丝 (Coarse Cut) 50g/2oz 罐装

Grown near the Sea of Marmara, not far from the ancient Troy or Illium, this wide, fine-textured, reddish yellow Turkish tobacco variety is renowned for being smooth on the palate with a delicate aroma. Yenice is pronounced Yenidje in Turkish, and the Agonya seed from which it is grown is of Xanthi origin (that first Yenidje of legend). This blend is designed to highlight the beautiful Agonya leaf’s mellow taste and subtle fragrance.

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